Leon Collier, BVA NY President

Leon Collier, BVA NY President

Message from the New York  Blinded Veterans Association. 

Welcome to the new web home of the Blinded Veterans Association of New York State.  The website is a visible sign of our commitment to the BVA and our determination to be a valued resource for New York’s Blinded Vets.

Members of the New York BVA are committed to developing a closer relationship among blinded veterans. We assist in their rehabilitation to hasten their acceptance back into the community. We keep members informed of medical services and how to access them.

A feature of the new website are articles on EYE HEALTH written by renowned Ophthalmologists in practice at the VA Medical Center in New York City.

We are an association of men and women who meet every Tuesday of the month at the JAMES J. PETERS VA MEDICAL CENTER, 130 West Kingsbridge Road, The Bronx, NY 10468.

We make sure we are all in good health, up to date on the VA policies and procedures and have a forum to express themselves freely.  All are welcomed. 

Most valued is the camaraderie Tuesday meetings with other blinded veterans affords. Often veterans live alone and to have someone to talk to is essential to spiritual and mental well-being.  After being discharged from the military, many veterans vow that they would never volunteer for anything again. But you will pleasantly surprised at how much fun it can be in the company of your brothers and sisters in arms.

BVA New York’s New Website

The existence of this website represents a milestone in the New York BVA chapter history.  It shows our continued commitment to grow as an organization and take on new missions as blinded veterans. To that end, we are proud that our new website has been designed to comply with the AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT guidelines.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was instituted in 1990 in an effort to end discrimination based on differing abilities. Drawing heavily from the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, which established protections against discrimination based on race, religion, sex or national origin, the ADA went a step further by requiring organizations to provide “reasonable accommodations” to those with disabilities.

Most websites are not ADA or WCAG (internet specific) compliant. It has been estimated that only 5% of all government websites were ADA compliant. So the New York BVA website is a very special website that caters to the special needs of its members.



Ability to switch between High Contract (Black & White) and four-color display
Permanently Expanded Left Hand Navigation Menu
Defined Text Boxes for emphasis
Calendar of Events featuring large print numbers

An informative monthly article on EYE HEALTH is a wonderful feature of the BVA New York website. We plan to update this health section monthly.  Knowledgeable Ophthalmic Physicians in residence at James J. Peters VA Med Center will provide content in this section.  In this our debut, we thought it important to review Eye Health Services available through the Veteran’s Administration.  We focus on Advanced Eye Treatments in the current article. 

An exciting feature of the new site is A VET’S STORY.  Stories related to the military service or  visually impaired experiences. Stories can be funny or solemn and can be anonymous if desired. Pictures are always welcomed but must be high quality resolution. All stories are subject to editing for content or length. Please note Publication is not guaranteed.  SUBMIT YOUR PERSONAL STORY (no longer than 400 words).

I encourage you to browse through the CALENDAR for monthly activities and check back often to read CHAPTER NEWS here you will find insights into the New York Chapter and others nationally.

May God continue to bless New York veterans.

New York Regional Group
Blinded Veterans Association

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Blinded Veterans of New York is a 501(c) organization. Membership in BVA is open to all legally blind and blinded veterans of U.S. military service.
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