Annual Eye Examinations are important for many reasons. For patients with diabetes an hypertension, the small vessels in the eye are susceptible to damage Blind Person With White Stick Crossing the Streetand strain due to those conditions.

Early detection of diabetic or hypertensive nephropathy can alert patient and primary care physician that their diabetes and hypertension may need more aggressive control.

Early detection can lead to early treatment which leads to better prognosis.  Certain conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration have little to no systems in the early course of the disease.  If detected early, we can treat these conditions promptly and stave off vision loss.  The more advanced the disease, the more difficult is to treat.  Annual eye exams can help screen for these conditions.

Advances in cataract surgery have improved outcomes and decrease risk of the procedure.  If someone has a cataract, we can treat a cataract effectively and improve a person’s quality of life.  Screening is a form of prevention.  Screening is most effectively done with an eye exam by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.  The importance of eye exams is critical for all our patients.

Paul Lee, MD
Chief of Ophthalmology
James J. Peters VA Medical Center
Associate Program Director, Ophthalmology
Associate Professor

Know Your VA Vision Services

If you qualify for Veteran’s Administration Health Care benefits, you’re able to get some or all vision care through the VA.  Routine eye exams and preventive vision testing are covered. The VA will cover the cost of eyeglasses in some cases, but qualifications are very strict.

To schedule an eye exam, talk to your VA primary care provider or contact your nearest VA medical center or clinic.  To see if you qualify for eyeglasses coverage, visit the VA website page on Vision Care.

If you’re determined to continue to improve your eyesight, you may be able to get MORE ADVANCED REHABILITATION care through the VA.


What Advanced Vision Rehabilitation services are available?

    Electronic reading machines and electronic mobility devices training in how to use them
    Help with everyday tasks like reading, writing, cooking, managing medicines, locating and reading signs
    Training that helps you better use your other senses like hearing or touch
    Creates mental maps for more mobility confidence
  • COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES written or computer


The closest advanced vision care center to NY State is the Eastern Blind Rehabilitation Center in West Haven, Connecticut.

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