I took the oath, with honor and pride, service to my country, was grained inside, this was the highest, of a noble deed, to defend freedom, whenever in need, on this veterans day, I make this decree, to honor every veterans to the highest degree,  a call was made, to put life on the line, we answered the call, some returned blind, their spirits are not broken, Americas true friend , just protect our democracy, freedom will win, I’m a veteran and soldier, until thee end.


I’m a disable veteran now, came back to my home town, still a soldier, to the core, a veteran helping even ,more, Veterans face many challenges today, help support them, in every way, give of yourselves, and what you can spare,  the veterans need housing and healthcare. America has no excuse or valid reason not to help veterans, in their do season, we must come together as one, to lift the veteran, your daughter or son, the veteran gave of themselves, to America in its time of need, let us always be thankful, for their courage, service and deed,


I wake up in the morning, before the sun rise, hoping I can see, through these blind eyes, I live in darkness, all day and night, I use to see, but I lost my sight, now the bright lights, are in my head, I might be blind, but I’m not dead, for my dreams, I continue to strive, I’ll never give in, as long as I’m alive

The wait was an eternity for Jeff. Ambushed and mortally wounded lying in a rice paddy on the other side of the world. Jeff and another  wounded soldier nearby kept each other going by talking about their wounds. Determining that …. “this was it – the end”. Jeff thought about his mom and prayed for a radio reply from Chi Lang.

By Warner L. Murray

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Blinded Veterans of New York is a 501(c) organization. Membership in BVA is open to all legally blind and blinded veterans of U.S. military service.
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